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Appeared in the 19th century, the modern durable backpack has carved out a place of choice in our daily life, and this since our earliest childhood.

And this is all the more true since, unlike a few decades ago, the backpack is no longer aimed only at schoolchildren, students, soldiers, sportsmen, and mountain dwellers. Indeed, since the 90s, great couturiers and fashion designers at LeatherStreet have also seized the backpack to make it a fashion accessory to wear (almost) on all occasions.

Today, our full grain leather backpacks, mainly medium and high-end ones, are light, ergonomic, waterproof, multifunctional, and above all, elegant and chic! Some models can accommodate a laptop computer, and have many compartments to organize the contents of the bag better. Something to delight working girls and businessmen! The rucksack, therefore, competes with the handbag, the satchel, the tote bag, and the suitcase.

So which leather backpack to choose from? What are the advantages of this equipment? We are here to help you by offering the broadest range of leather backpacks for men and women. 

What Sorts Of Characteristics Are Accessible To You While Using Leather Backpacks?

To be worn on the back, our leather backpack is both functional and fashionable. It has two shoulder straps that rest the weight of the material it contains on the shoulders of the wearer.

All backpacks at LeatherStreet generally include:

  • A back panel
  • The straps are adjustable, padded or not;
  • An internal frame to support the weight of the bag;
  • A large main compartment;
  • One or more storage pockets

And depending on the model of bag chosen, other types of accessories can be added to this list: one or more additional compartments, an abdominal belt, a chest strap, a water bottle case, side straps for hanging hardware, charger and/or built-in USB port, etc. Sounds, exciting and always comfortable option, right? Worry not; we’ve got everything covered just for you at the most affordable prices. 

What Choice of Leather Backpack for Men and Women According To Its Use?

The unique backpack no longer exists these days. Many models of backpacks, which can be classified by type of use, are indeed offered on the market. Whether in small, medium, or big size, each bag model has certain characteristics that are specific to it:

The school backpack:

A large main compartment, a front pocket, interior and exterior pockets, padded back, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, and ergonomic carrying handle. With the refined style or more modern design, wide variety of patterns, eases of use, and robustness, you can get everything at our store leather bag online shopping store. 

The student backpack:

A large main compartment, a padded laptop pocket, padded back, padded and adjustable shoulder straps. You can explore different styles, waterproof and sturdy bag collections within just a few clicks. 

The backpack for work:

A padded laptop pocket, numerous compartments and storage pockets, ergonomic and padded shoulder straps, etc. 

The hiking backpack:

These types of full grain leather backpacks have several compartments and storage pockets, padded shoulder straps, a sturdy hip belt, etc. 

The trekking backpack (multi-day hike):

They have equipped with several compartments and storage pockets, padded shoulder straps, adjustable lumbar straps, which are wider than those of a hiking bag. 

In any case, whatever model of full grain leather backpack you choose from the LeatherStreet collection, make sure that it offers you as much comfort as possible. Especially if you will need to wear it on long trips, whether to go to school or work, or for a hike or a trip. To carry a lot of stuff, nothing beats a leather backpack for men as well as women.