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No matter what type of sport you practice, you necessarily need to put your outfit and accessories in a suitable bag to go to the club, the pool, or the gym. Whether you want a simple model or looking for a sports bag model for women, or want a leather duffle bag with wheels, you are choices can be fulfilled with LeatherStreet. And without leaving your home, as we have built a whole team to deliver you the considerable product at doorsteps.

The key is to make an informed choice, by finding the model of full grain leather duffle bag that best suits your activity. Thanks to our selection of the best leather duffle bag models in vogue at the moment, you have the opportunity to make the right choice, all at an attractive price and at the online merchant of your choice. Do not hesitate to scroll around this page, where some incredible leather overnight bags are also waiting for you at LeatherStreet!

Why should you Buy Vintage Leather Duffle Bags?

Offering the storage a leather duffle bag with wheels or full grain leather duffle bag is known for; our collection provides a clean silhouette and sharp appearance. Don’t be surprised if the guy next to you on any sports session asks where you found your leather duffle bag. 

The main reasons for the great importance given to these duffle bags are class, sophistication, and sense of elegance they deliver. Be it leather duffle bags for men or women, they offer great style at the same time as great utility and never go out of fashion or outdated no matter what type of clothing you wear. Our team always suggests choosing a genuine full grain leather duffle bag of superior quality and outstanding craftsmanship. Let's see some of the benefits of these duffle bags: - 

Master key

The fashion component of leather products is also an important feature. Leather products go perfectly with any type of clothing and clothing. Bags last longer and stay in fashion throughout their lifetime. If there is anything we can learn from vintage leather duffle bags, it is that they are always in fashion.


This is the most striking advantage of vintage leather duffle bags. It is durable by nature and has less risk of tearing due to its high quality. When compared to normal bags, leather duffle bags always stay intact for a long time unless some outside force damages them.

Suitable for all seasons

These duffle bags are in fashion all year round. It is this characteristic of leather being invulnerable to changes in fashion and wear and tear that makes leather bags so desirable. Although vintage leather duffle bags are most often plain, they can be adorned with zippers, straps, buckles, and other fashion details that increase the style and beauty of the bag.


 No material can surpass the fashionable chic and high-class professional look that a vintage leather duffle bag offers. LeatherStreet believes that it is one of the rare materials that will stay in fashion forever. Whether natural, colored, or dyed, it will always add a certain standing to your look.


Leather is considered as a natural fabric, and no chemicals are used in its manufacture. Obviously, the market is overwhelmed with synthetic leather duffle bags that can cause rashes. The genuine full grain leather duffle bag range is biodegradable and does not pollute the air, the river, or the environment.

Always in demand

Be it a men's leather duffle bag vintage or women's leather duffle bag, they always are in great demand, and you can easily choose from a wide variety of bags stocked at LeatherStreet. Leather is preferred over regular handbags because they are luxurious and are made with higher quality materials and workmanship. This trend of vintage leather duffle bags has remained unchanged for a long time, proving that they are impervious to changes in fashion.

A quality bag is a long-term investment.

From any business analysis perspective, leather is a great long-term investment that adds value over time, like wine. It is appreciated simply by its robustness and its general aesthetics. 

 So, for someone who doesn't shop often, leather is the best investment, but it can seem overpriced. But think of it this way: several brands other than leather use a much lower quality, but share the same price, due to their popularity. That would leave you with a product that depreciates over time and a hole in your pocket. So, we bring the best quality of full grain leather duffle bags online just for you without compromising quality on any term. 

Why Shop Full Grain Leather Duffle Bags Sets from LeatherStreet?

The LeatherStreet team, always want to deliver you the best in every possible way. So, to make your buying experience convenient, we have designed some additional facilities just for you only. Our latest leather duffle bags collection is made from high-quality leather to serve you for a long time. To update your collection of accessories, these pieces are various textures such as black leather duffle bag men, brown and many more. 

Quality matters very much for every customer, but it does not indicate that you have to ignore your desires. Our 90 days return facility comes here to rescue you! Be it a small leather duffle bag, women's leather weekender bag, or leather weekender bag men, to exchange, you can opt for this service quickly without many efforts, as per your requirements.

Who doesn’t love and enjoy few extra perks during the purchasing process of anything? So, if you are buying it or any other leather bag from a reliable store like LeatherStreet, you can get free delivery at your doorsteps. All you have to do is, just enter details of your location and choose the desirable vintage leather duffle bag.

Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to solve your queries and doubts, 24*7. Moreover, don’t worry about the payment transactions; they are secured with encrypted gateways to avoid any kind of fraud or loss.

At LeatherStreet, we produce a range of the best leather luxury bags, including school bags, messengers, sports bags, backpacks, wallets, and many other shapes and sizes. Today there are millions of designer leather bags for women as well as men. Due to their popularity, the demand for leather collection is very high in every field. The beauty and comfort of any kind of leather bag from LeatherStreet can also influence the overall appearance, personality, and confidence of their owner.