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A hard cover of full grain leather, decorated with some symbols struck with hammer, classy color option, and authentic blank pages, make our vintage leather journal options ideal support for your creations. This engraved notebook is perfect for journaling, travel diaries, recipe books, or note taking.

Customized to your needs, the leather journal from LeatherStreet stock makes a perfect gift for various occasions. The richly textured leather material is water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable enough to serve you in daily life. Our high-quality workmanship of every journal is sure to impress every buyer with its premium elegant individuality. Needless to say, our products are easy to wipe clean (damp cloth with soap and water) and do not leave any sort of fingerprints. So, what are you waiting for now? Buckle up and check our premium collection of the vintage leather journal online right now! 

How can you use the Vintage Leather Journal for Different Purposes in Day-to-Day Life?

Keeping a journal on a regular basis can be done by putting your thoughts in it in a random or organized fashion. You can also have a sports, food, pregnancy notebook, to write down dreams or a gratitude journal, etc. Below, we’ve detailed a few to maintain vintage leather journal:


This is the one you use daily to record your goals and progress. 

Diary: While the logbook allows you to organize your days better, it allows you to dialogue with your conscience and note feelings, ideas, or reflections. Here it is the free and non-judgmental, sometimes schematic, expression of your personal thoughts, fears, or observations in relation to life situations. Don't worry about spelling or grammar rules, and let your thoughts flow in our exclusive collection of the vintage leather journal.

Be Positive: A notebook of positive affirmations, with phrases that do you good, soothe you, and give you energy!

A Gratitude Notebook: A gratitude notebook allows you to appreciate every moment of life and to live more fully and simply by appreciating what you already have. 

Dream Diary: Not all dreams are the fruit of our subconscious or the fruit of unfulfilled desire. Some reflect your concerns or contain premonitory, futuristic messages or creative ideas. Documenting your dreams on a full-grain leather journal allows you to capture them freshly with all the details and come back to them later to check those that have come true or to pray and work in order to activate their achievements. 

Although there are several types of vintage leather journals online at LeatherStreet, you don't have to have a different notebook for each one. It's up to you to organize yourself according to your preferences. 

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