About Us

Leather Streets has been delivering results since we opened in 2014. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Leather Streets handmade vintage leather bags have been an essential accessory college going teens and office going professionals. The material and kinds of Leather bags have a vast variety which you can see if you walk on any campus and office. However, there’s no different Leather bag which provides the supreme quality and satisfaction of a real hand-stitched & handmade leather bag. Be it a messenger leather bag or a laptop bag or any different kind of leather accessory, we at Leather Streets have it all kind of Leather bags like messenger leather bags, Duffel Bags, Shoulder Bags, Toiletry Bags, And many more types.

Our individual Features & Our Story

Our merchandise products are designed to be becoming staples that try well with any wardrobe. Our classic inspired styles have a versatility which makes them the perfect accompaniment to work or recreation activities and Leather.

The feature that we tend to boast everyplace regarding our product is that the natural goat hide that’s want to manufacture the leather. This leather is processed naturally to convey the color of alternative then designed by knowledgeable craftsmen who are within the business of constructing leather luggage bags for the past three decades. Our style department provides the styles and logos supported the most recent trends in each class that we tend to sell. The genuine leather handmade bags will be at your side for ages to come and is so that it can be passed on to your future and upcoming generations as well.

Our Mission & Vision

We are impelled by needing to share our outstanding skills, hard work, and inventive styles with the broader public. Every single bag we’ve produced since then may be a testament to our enthusiasm for the merchandise we tend to create. We have a closely knit and dedicated employees, making our company feel more like a family.

When we started the company that is our Leather Streets, we had no idea that many people around the globe would want genuine handmade leather products like bags and other accessories. Once we tend to complete the demand for our merchandise and our products, we tend to visit work and created it our mission to deliver the simplest hand stitched vintage leather products at the doorstep at the least possible time. We imagine a world with everybody carrying one among our vintage leather bags, making the world beautiful one bag at a time. 

No Compromise on Quality & Our Approach

Because we view each piece as an extension of our own company, we only use the finest quality of leather to ensure that our bags are as attractive as they are resilient. We adhere to the best standards of quality, and our goal is to create positive that you simply take the maximum amount of satisfaction in victimization our luggage as we tend to kill creating them.

At Leather Streets we pride ourselves on the unique craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every one of our products. Our highly experienced artisans are passionate about the work they produce and take the time to ensure that every item they create lives up to the Leather Streets reputation which we have cultivated over the past five years.

With the sales volume soaring within the past five months, we compromised on many things like our sleep and family time. The one factor we tend to didn’t compromise on was the standard of the leather used and our product design and also the style to satisfy your fashion style buds. We conjointly didn’t resort to unnatural strategies for aging and coloring the animal skin. The process used is 100% natural and that we pre-order in great quantity to beat the timelines, so you get what you want in time without hampering the quality of the product.

The Budget Factor

Handmade vintage leather bags are fashionable trade good and frequently bought once or double in a very period of time. By cutting overhead prices and minimizing our profit margins, we bring you these genuine leather bags at a price that will not be heavy in your pocket you’ll agree once you buy and use our product. This is one factor that correlates with our mission of obtaining these lovely vintage bags across to the most range of individuals around the country.

Get to Know Us

If this page has not told you regarding our Leather Streets adequately, you can always contact us for more information. We can offer with all the knowledge regarding style and production method at the side of the shipment procedure and return policy. Our skilled, experienced and warm customer care representative will assist and respond to all inquiries that you may have at leatherstreetsofficial@gmail.com. Our customer service promises to respond within one business day as client satisfaction is our only goal.